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  How to register and advertise with us. Prices 2019
1, First, You do not need to register, to use Findit F'ME. To become a registered user of, or to advertise on, Find It F'ME you must complete the user Registration Form with your personal details. You will be sent an email to activate your account. Please note, any registrations that have not been activated within 7 days, will be deleted from our system and you will need to register again. You can delete your registration at any time.
2, If you have registered as a user, you can leave comments and rate the businesses that you have used. This will give other users a helpfull guide to businesses who score higher ratings.
3, After registration you can log in and you will be taken to the "Your Account" page. Here you can edit your personal details and if you want to advertise with us you will have access to the business registration section. Here you can complete the business registration form and you will be sent an email to activate your business. Please note, any registrations that have not been activated within 7 days, will be deleted from our system and you will need to register again. You can register as many businesses as you to want but you can only have one advert, one side ad or one site, per business. You can delete your business registration at any time. When you have registered a business, you will be able to edit your business details and register your advert.
4, You can now register your advert. You must have an advert before you can add a side ad or a FindIt site. This is because the details on your side ad or FindIt site will come from your advert details and users will be able to click on your side ad and be taken to your advert details page. If you do not renew your advert, on or before the due date, it will no longer be visible on Find It F'ME. If the advert is not renewed within 30 days after the renewal date, the advert will be deleted from our system completely. You can delete your advert at any time.
5, Now you will also be able to add a side ad (When system is completed. If you would like a side ad before this, send us an email Here We will assist you and we will add your side ad manual. We offer side adverts because we will not be allowing any third party advertising on finditfme.com. Only our advertisers, with a "Basic advert"(Minimum), will be able to have a side ad on our website. These are available in one size, 152 pixels wide x 184 pixels high, to upload the exact image or logo that you want to appear on your side ad. Side ads are loaded by random on the opening page. As soon as a user selects from the selection boxes, the side ads will change, according to their selection. Side ads are displayed in order of amount paid. The amount you pay for your side ad, above the base price, is entirely your decision. Whenever side ads are loaded, the highest price paid will be the first side ad seen.
6, (When the system is completed) For those of you who would like to have a website of your own but the cost or the responsibility of this is not what you want, we have the perfect alternative. Anyone that has an advert registered with us, can make their own "Find It site". This is a mini site within our website and can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 pages. You can select from our templates and add video links, images and text, to promote your business. You can choose between youtube and other sources, to store your videos but images and text are uploaded direct to us.
Please see our Terms and Conditions.