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Price list: 2011
All prices are for 1 year (12 months) and can be renewed at any time during this period.
("Additional choices" will expire at the same time as your "Basic Advert" and charged for accordingly)
Basic Advert:
The "Basic advert" is what can be seen in the MAIN PAGE. Anyone wishing to advertise on Find It F'ME must start with this advert. Only then will they be able to "ADD" the other items, on this page, to that advert. Your advert will show your advert name, your telephone number, your country, region, province and town, your advert slogan with a maximum of 80 characters, an image to make your advert attract our users and your advert star rating. Each advert has a "More" link, this opens a new "DISPLAY BOX". In this box there will be: A map, showing exactly where your business can be found. Your full address details. Your telephone number. Your fax number (if you have one). A description of your business, with a maximum 580 of characters. The languages that are spoken by the staff of your business (the advert), Your adverts ratings, ratings average and a link to the comments left by your customers. Your advert slogan and a link to your "Find It site" (if you have one).
All for only:
€ 10.00
Additional choices:
Priority Advert:
The same as "Basic advert" but a "Priority Advert" will appear above the Basic adverts, in both random load's and search results.
€ 10.00
You can have a link to your email address, added to your "display box". Users will be able to click on this link and be taken straight to their email program, with your email address pre inserted, ready to email you direct.
You can have a link to your own website, added to your "display box". Users can click on this link and be directed to your website.
Email Link:
€ Free

Website Link:
€ 10.00
Side Ad
This option is being built and is not available yet. A side ad can be added for you manually if you would like one before the system is completed. When you have made your "Basic Advert" please email US and we can discuss your requirements.
A "Side Ad" is an advert on the right side of the main page (and other pages, to be decided). We do not have any third party advertising on finditfme.com. Only our customers, who have an advert ("Basic Advert" minimum) registered with us, can have a "Side ad". A "Side ad" has a minimum price that must be paid, to register your "Side ad". You can pay as much as you want, above this minimum price, for your "Side ad". The "Side ad" that has paid the most (in the group that are being displayed)will be displayed above all other side ad's.
€ 50.00
Find It site:
This option is being built and is not available yet.
Only our customers, who have an advert ("Basic Advert" minimum) registered with us, can have a "Find It site". A "Find It site" is a "mini" website, within our website. If you have ever wanted your own website but didn't want the expense or the inconvenience of the maintenance of one, we can help. You can have one, two, three or four pages. You can add text, files (pdf), images or videos to promote your business. You will be able to show your menu, a price list or details of the items or the service you offer. You can show video advertising or even video to show the atmosphere of a venue. This is the best way for you to show all visitors to our site, what you can offer them.
1 Page:
2 Pages:
3 Pages:
4 Pages:
€ ??.??
€ ??.??
€ ??.??
€ ??.??
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